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Girls' Getaway at the Waldorf? Yes, please!

Posted on by Brita Schumacher

You know the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts walks into the hotel all dolled up and holding dozens of bags after her infamous shopping trip? You know the scene where they make her feel like a newfound princess?

Well that is exactly how they make you feel when you check in at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton, FL.

From the second you drive up you feel the opulence.


— From the long lush drive, to the historic pink buildings, to the marble everywhere you look. The staff and the way they make you feel, however, take the cake. They swept our bags out from under us before we could even protest. They thanked us for our stay.

The donned us with plush robes and we sipped from fruit soaked water before we had even finished the check in process. Believe it or not, our first say here was purely by chance.

 Mistake really. I had Pricelined a hotel, which I am notorious for, choosing only 4 star hotels around the globe. As luck had it we got the Waldorf. 

 We were smitten. So when we returned to again for a girl’s trip to South Florida again we tacked on a stay here.

Thanks to my friend Jen’s husband we also had the advantage of Diamond Member Hilton status which earned us a beautiful suite with marina views. 

  We took full advantage of lounging in the robes. 


And-To call the pool at the Waldorf a pool is an understatement.

 It is called the Boca Beach Club for a reason. You can actual become a member there and kids at my sister’s fancy schmancy college, Lynn University, actually are. 

 The pool area is vast and is steps from a long, clean shore line with gorgeous Florida beach and crashing waves. 

There is a bar and grill onsite.

The staff is so impeccable that the first year we met our favorite pool guy, I ordered my signature drink, a michelada. He didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t on the menu, but he said no problem. He listened intently to how it was made and came back with a frosty, perfect one in hand.

But that wasn’t the impressive part, the impressive part was that TWO YEARS later, he remembered us. When I ordered the michelada again, he simply replied, “Got it.” And came back with another perfect one, no direction needed. And when my high maintenance self, asked for blackened shrimp on my Caesar salad, he didn’t blink an eye. Perfection.

Maybe at the Waldorf they are used to high maintenance and the difference is we serve high maintenance with giant smiles?! Either way we were impressed.

The Waldorf is literally on a campus-Tropical flowersand palm trees galore.

The best part however, is that instead of your typical hotel shuttle (which they offer too) there is an amazing BOAT that takes you from the Boca Beach Club back to the guest rooms.

That was enough to sell us as customers for years! Were we the only ‘tourons’ taking photos on the water taxi?!

Probably, but who cares, we were in heaven.

Responsibility free + sunshine= Heaven.

After basking in the sun and walking on the beach, we were excited to walk around the campus to scope at restaurant potential.

With 11 restaurants on property, it is nice to know that we don’t even need to pick up the car from the valet!

That night  we had a delicious four star meal, served by a smiling Columbian waiter with impeccable service.

We took pictures, acted silly, and had a couple of drinks before heading down to the Bar Luna and capping off the night.

Will we come back? You bet ya. In the midst of my work life constant juggling act, I like to have a place to envision as my happy place ;).

Be forewarned that even if you do score a great deal on Priceline, that there is a resort fee. It’s worth it!

Visit: www.BocaBeachClub.com #BocaResort