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The Faces of Guatemala that Have Seeped into my Soul…

Posted on by Brita Schumacher

One of the first little Mayan girls I ever met. She smiles at me in my office every day.

My favorite place to jog is a campground near my house where the smell of campfire fills my lungs and transports me to Guatemala where wood burning stoves dot the cities and the villages. The intoxicating smell of wood burning always feels like coming home. There’s something magical about Guatemala that seeps into your blood and steals a bit of your soul. On those early morning jogs I breathe in the smoke and imagine myself instead breathing in the crisp, Guatemalan mountain air. The landscape is lush and colorful, but it’s people are more so. They are simply majestic. Their traditional woven huipiles, their brown eyes that always seem older than they are, and the occasional smiles that they grant you for a picture in exchange for a propina… These faces are etched into my memory. I find them simply beautiful. I hope you do too.

Little girls I met selling wares in the city square all alone.

A family picking during coffee harvest.

Mayan women gossiping at the market.

This little girl stole the Diet Coke right from my hands. But with that big smile, I couldn’t take it back!

Heart breaking glimpse into a Guatemalan orphanage. Precious children eating tortillas.

Isn’t she majestic?

I met this little vendor on the street. Doesn’t her gaze capture you?

I will never forget this little bambino popping out and looking at us with those giant brown eyes.

This woman from a small village had one eye and no teeth, but look how happy she is!

How could one every forget that amazing head wrap?!

She was happy to pose for some Quetzales. I loved everything about her.

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