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Where to Celebrate 40? Why in the Mexican Sunshine, of course!

Posted on by Brita Schumacher


At eighteen a few of my high school friends descended onto Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with reckless abandon. Seven days of 16 for $16 margarita specials, dancing into the wee hours of the night, and ogling after chocolate-eyed waiters, we were sold. As we ushered in forty this year, it seemed only fitting to go back to beloved Mexico.—Albeit in a much more civilized fashion.

 -And so we arrived into the sunshine of Mexico’s welcoming arms as weary-eyed moms looking for girl time and relaxation. Wonderfully we got just what the doctor ordered.

We started our days in Playa del Carmen with either yoga or jogging, sipping iced coffees and drinking coconut water. We crowded around the shady couch of our private penthouse patio to talk for hours underneath our straw hats. We walked, kicking sand up along the beach.

 We strolled down busy Fifth Avenue, people watching and laughing. We dined every night somewhere fabulous-lobster, chilled prosecco, homemade pasta and decadent dessert rounding out perfect days.

 We gathered for 4pm happy hour on our sun chairs, leaning over fresh avocado and tomato from a local stand. We sipped on icy margaritas that my friend Shannon had perfected with fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice. We smiled and tapped our feet to the melodious sounds of a local band, and giggled at the mishap of a poorly chosen mariachi group.

 Mostly, however, we put our faces in the sun and we talked, and talked, and talked. It seemed we never ran out of things to say. Twenty-three years of friendship does that to you. You fit together like perfectly worn blue jeans. Conversations run from the serious to the ridiculous.

 The deepening lines across my face and my growing middle seemed suddenly less important, because forty sure felt good in the Mexican sun, with my amazing friends a soundtrack of the language I love playing in my head….

Whoever you are wherever you are, may the sun shine upon you, may you surround yourself with people that inspire you, and may you take this very day to laugh a little harder—grateful to where time has carried you. Xo, Bree

 Aldea Thai  Playa del Carmen Suggestions: Fly: Into the Cancun international airport Shuttle: Take the USA Transfers to Playa del Carmen Stay: Aldea Thai (Perfectly located to walk to the beach and to 5th Avenue; Request a penthouse room)


 View from Aldea Thai Penthouse[/caption] Breakfast at: Colorful Frida's (Do not miss the amazing chilaquiles!) or  pick up a delicious croissant breakfast sandwich from Chez Celine. Caffeinate: Starbucks or Ah Cacao café (Don’t forget to bring some whole beans home!)


 El Muelle Lunch at:  Los Aguachiles; Don’t miss their specialty- fresh seafood aguachiles and a ojo rojo to wash it down! Dinner: So many amazing choices! Some favorites: Plank (order the seafood platter and octopus carpaccio), El Muelle for prosecco and the catch of the day, and Cenacolo for amazing homemade pasta and a great view of 5th Avenue.

Get your Om on: Yoga Loft Pick up fresh avocado: From a the tiny market with shelves of produce outside on 5th Avenue! And breathe in this....